Como Sur Is Looking For City Editors

[image: Como Sur / Lily Rouge]
By Patrick Hieger   (If you sent an email to editor@comosur.com about the editor positions, please resend to comosurnews@gmail.com.  Sorry…

L.A. Chef Ricardo Zarate’s ‘Home-Cooked-Meal’ Tweets (ES)

[photo: Ricardo Zarate]
By Patrick Hieger On the eve of yet another #FollowFriday on Twitter, we thought that we should give you a…

Here’s The Program For Next Month’s Mesamérica In Mexico (ES)

[image: Mesamérica]
By Patrick Hieger Mexico’s biggest culinary festival, Mesamérica, will take place next month from May 20 to May 22.  Via…

Vice Goes Inside Buenos Aires’ Feria De Mataderos (ES)

[photo: Tommy Tannock / Vice]
By Patrick Hieger As Vice media’s new food-focused wing Munchies expands and makes food as edgy and sexy as only…

A Taste Of Boragó’s 2014 Menu In Photos (ES)

[photo: Patrick Hieger]
By Patrick Hieger Leaves that only turn red two weeks out of the year.  Sea strawberries.  Bull kelp reductions.  Venison…

What’s Going On

Everyday Sushi | Santiago, Chile
  Lima Love [via FOUR Magazine] Prensa Japonesa Realizó Informre Sobre El Caldo De Gallina [via La Mula] ¿Qué Significa…

BA’s MASA Does Asian-Inspired Tacos This Week

[photo: MASA]
By Patrick Hieger Traditional Southern and taco-focused closed door restaurant MASA is looking to the East for inspiration for this…

Peruvian Quinoa Heads To Turkey (ES)

[image: Wikipedia]
By Patrick Hieger From April 28 to 30, Peruvian chefs Roberto Segura, Marita Lynn, Javier Flórez, and Rosita Robles will…

Wine Wednesday: Could Tax Reform Cut Into Chile’s Wine Industry?

[image: Como Sur]
By Colin Bennett Colin Bennett is the founder and owner of FoodyChile, a Santiago-based culinary-focused tour provider that gives insight…