Ever wanted to get a taste of what Santiago and Chile were like many years ago?  Well, this weekend is your chance, as the Expreso del Recuerdo embarks on another journey.  Guests aboard the train will make the trip from Santiago to San Antonio on Chile’s coast aboard train cars that date as far back as 1923.  Various accommodations all include breakfast and ‘onces,’ as well as an unforgettable trip through Chile’s history.

Trains will depart from Santiago’s Estación Central at 7 am with the sounding of the real whistle from the original trains.  Once in San Antonio, guests will have the chance to take a tour and get a deeper taste of Chilean history.  Return trips begin at 5 pm, making the day a long and unforgettable journey through a time long since past.  Toot toot!  [via ACCPF]

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