Well, probably not, but central Peru needs some attention, too, no?

This Friday, in Peru’s Junín district, the district of Santa Rosa de Ocopa will hold the first ever ‘Festival Gastronómico del Cuy’ (Guinea Pig Culinary Festival) and, you guessed it, guinea pig will be the star.  Before you think to yourself, “Ew, guinea pig!”, just remember that it’s a staple in Peruvian cuisine.  And, so as not to draw any attention away from the slightly larger festival that will be happening a little further south next week, the festival will only run for one day.

Regardless, in this first edition of the festival, there will be typical plates, a presentation of innovation on those plates, a guinea pig fashion show, and even the award for heaviest guinea pig.  (We know.  Awesome, right?)  The organizers of the festival hope for it to be a fun family affair, bringing together the best in food and farming that the region has to offer.  And given that Mistura is, in fact, a week later, the country is no doubt gearing up for eating.  It should be fun.  [via Andina]

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