[photo: PT's Coffee]

[photo: PT’s Coffee]

Having just had a hefty dose of reality handed to us throughout our time in La Paz, it’s nice to see that other visitors have equally eye-opening and beneficial trips to the high-altitude country as well.  For a small coffee roaster in Kansas called PT’s Coffee, Bolivia, with its range of topography from sea level to well over 15,000 feet, must seem like an entirely different planet.  That didn’t stop the roasters from heading south to discover a beautiful country and their variety of exceptional coffee beans.

In this video and blog post from PT’s Coffee, you can take a quick look inside Bolivia’s diverse culture, and see why a coffee roaster in flat, wheat-ridden Kansas might gain inspiration from people that live their daily life in extremes.  Bolivia’s coffee, like their wine grapes, grow at extreme altitudes, giving them a taste and a culture all their own.  PT’s liked it so much, they brought back a whole slew of different beans, and named them after one of the famous flying Cholas.  Midwestern sensibility meets South American flavor.  Everybody wins.  [via PT’s Coffee]

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