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[image: Como Sur]










Without further ado, save for this brief paragraph that we’ve decided to put in place so you have to scroll down, we would like to present you, our readers, with the results of the first ever Como Sur Best of 2013 Awards.  Votes flooded in almost immediately from the moment we opened the polls last Monday, and people from around the world–as far as Australia–have voted.   Overall, it was great to see votes come in from all over, and to see how passionate foodies, travelers, our readers, and more have become about South American gastronomy, and the massive leaps it has taken in the last decade.

As Como Sur progresses (we’re only eight and a half months old!), so will the awards.  Next year, rest assured, we’ll have Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela present.  Event with only half of the continent covered, though, there were some extremely tight races, and even a few blowouts.  Needless to say, readers are excited about where gastronomy in South America is heading.  So, read up, celebrate, and look forward to a fantastic 2014.  We’re expecting brilliant things to come.


The Winners

Best Culinary Event
Gastrocruz | Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Best Culinary Festival
Mistura | Lima, Peru

Best Dinner Series
BBVA Inéditas | Lima, Peru

Best New Restaurant
Gustu | La Paz, Bolivia

Best Hotel Restaurant
Senzo | Cusco, Peru

Best Winery Restaurant
Mun at Casarena | Mendoza, Argentina

Best ‘Puertas Cerradas’ Restaurant
Dugnad | Santiago, Chile

Best Pop-Up
IS Creative Kitchen | Lima, Peru

Best Chef
Kamilla Seidler | Gustu | La Paz, Bolivia

Best Restaurant
Gustu | La Paz, Bolivia

Best Cookbook
Nikkei Es Perú | Mitsuharu Tsumura

Best Culinary Publication
Etiqueta Negra | Lima, Peru

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