By Patrick Hieger

[photo: NOLA / Liza Puglia]

[photo: NOLA / Liza Puglia]

Taking full advantage of the popularity that their Puerta Cerrada-style diner has created in Buenos Aires, Liza Puglia and Francisco Terren, the masterminds behind NOLA, the Creole-inspired closed door restaurant, are going brick and mortar.  Which isn’t to say that they’ve been serving out of a van but, now rather than having to make a reservation for a four-course Southern-infused meal, those interested will be able to get honest-to-goodness soul food nine hours a day.  Puglia and Terren will keep their Puerta Cerrada venture up and running, making the legitimate restaurant version a full-time display of what diners can expect behind closed doors.

The new restaurant will also be named NOLA, and will function like a gastropub.  The space will be open every day except Tuesdays, from 4 pm to 1 am.  Terren and his brother’s line of beers, Broeders, will be featured on tap, and Puglia’s signature creole cuisine will be at the center of the menu.  Diners can expect to find fried chicken, gumbo, and biscuits always on the menu, with a rotating cast of Southern-fueled favorites accompanying them.  Both Puglia and Terren insist that NOLA won’t be the merienda-type place that Palermo Viejo is known for, serving coffee and facturas late in the afternoon.  In fact, they won’t even be serving coffee as part of the menu–just good food, good beer, and a proper Southern vibe.

Construction of the new space is now underway and an opening is tentatively scheduled for May.  So, we can most likely expect something in June, unless construction somehow miraculously goes according to schedule.  NOLA will be located at Gorriti 4389, near the corner of Julian Alvarez in Palermo Viejo.  Get excited.  This is going to be a delicious opening.

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