By Lauren Barragan

[Lauren Barragan]

[Lauren Barragan]

In a crazy, over-populated city like Santiago, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd, especially when venturing out to a bar to drink your cares away.  But for the ‘post-Uni’ crowd, some of us have settled down in our wild ways and certainly our taste buds have grown up a little more alongside us.  No more sucking back multiple mysteriously, unnaturally blue-colored drinks with copious pieces of fruit and flexi-straws sticking out of them.  We’ve outgrown the need to wait in long lines, pay cover charges then be packed in a room like cattle where we remain unseen or unheard by all we came with.  Some of us just want a place where we can get a good solid beer; no mystery, just a real, classic, hoppy beer.  And as cliché as it might sound, none can deny the warm, fuzzy feeling that this next one provides, that we really do just want a bar where everybody knows your name (bartender especially).

For those of you who have been waiting eagerly and patiently, the wait is finally over!  Cerveza Loom has opened its doors to the public and has already received a very warm neighborhood welcome.  With their official grand opening just three short weeks ago, owners Jaime Ojeda and Chuck May welcomed patrons into their packed house, where the beer continually flowed and beer geeks and newbies sat and broke bread together, allowing for Loom to instantly become the most talked about beer spot in Santiago among a huge, diverse crowd.  

So now that the bar is open for all, what can you expect when making the trip over to Bellavista and veering off path, away from the chaotic Pio Nono bar strip?  For starters, a much quieter and more relaxed place to enjoy your beer.  Though just a few blocks from the trendy and overcrowded Patio Bellavista, Cerveza Loom manages to be at the perfect arm’s length of where everyone is, making it accessible to get to but also more peaceful and enjoyable to sit and talk shop over their handcrafted microbrews.  Loom is now open every evening except Sundays and  Mondays, the bar industry’s Sabbath, as many know it.  You can enjoy any of the seven tap beers that they offer, including a selection of three of Loom’s ever-popular house brewed beers that are available each day.  In addition to Loominati favorites, the bar is also offering four guest beers from a large variety of local as well as international brews.


Not yet developed a taste for good beer yet?  Not to worry because Loom is also serving wine and liquor, never discriminating against piscola drinkers and winos.  Definitely try the Loom sour if you want a beer break.  They’re serving up a twist on the Chilean classic, incorporating none other than, yes, a beer lover’s weakness, hops!

If you skipped dinner and find the drinks going a little to quick to the head, the kitchen is raising just as much talk as the beer.  Currently the bar menu is winning over hearts and belliess with the buffalo fried chicken sandwich, where the crazy guys at Loom couldn’t settle for anything less than the perfect beer companion plate.  Snagging some of the very same milled grain they’re using in their brewing process, they’ve encrust their chicken just before frying it, giving it the most epic of earthy flavors to accompany their beer with the same lingering notes to it.  You can also enjoy their classic hamburger, served as truly legit to American style burgers as can be, or maybe snack on their fried calamari.  It’s a win-win no matter what you choose because you get to wash it all down with any of Loom’s lovely lady brews like their Gringa Loca pale ale or Stinky Brunette brown ale.

From the witty and whimsical murals painted on the walls to the hilariously accurate bathroom signage, the imagery in the bar has definitely translated their sense of humor through each painting.  You can grab one of the six bar seats and enjoy gazing up at one of the four flat screens in the bar to watch the latest game, fight, or guilty pleasure shows that shall not be named.  What happens in Loom stays in Loom.  Or you can grab a table in one of the adjacent rooms for you and your friends to sit and quiz each other on the brewing process, conveniently painted on the walls.  There’s something for everyone in this new space that is ready and waiting for you to join the rest of the Loominati clan.  Just remember to bring your thirsty friends along!  All are welcome!

Loom BrewPub is located at Bellavista 0360 in Providencia, Santiago.

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