By Lauren Barragan



(Editor’s Note: We stand as a divided house.  Although we band together as ex-pat baseball fans here at Como Sur HQ, our team rivalries run deep.  Lauren is excited because her Giants are going to another series.  I’m pissed because the Cardinals lost.  So, as a native Missourian, I’m going for the Royals.  If you don’t care about baseball, none of this matters.)

It’s official! The Kansas City Royals will be going head to head with the San Francisco Giants next week for the 2014 World Series. Whether you’re rooting for the biennial champions from the West Coast Bay Area or the overdue, underdog Missourians that haven’t taken home a series ring since 1985, we can make your drinking and viewing choices much easier for you, leaving you more room for the major decision making, i.e. who to support in the series this year. We put together a list for you of the bars that have told us they will be providing cold beers, hot food and clear televisions s for all your diamond-viewing pleasures. It’s enough to make you think you’ve go-go-gadget ‘coptered your way to the good ol’ U.S. of A. to enjoy watching its favorite pastime.

Black Rock Pub – The tried and true pub of Santiago has promised to deliver the series games along with their happy hour extending all the way to 10pm. With a great beer list, multiple flat screens, what’s not to love? Avda. Providencia 2528

California Cantina – Of course the name says it all. If you know the Cantina you already know that they pull out all the stops to be as true to California culture as possible. So naturally they have made it clear that they will be serving up their typical Cali-style burritos and West Coast beers on tap with a side of Series on the screens. Las Urbinas 44/56

Flannery’s – The centrally located Tobalaba Irish pub, known as the token gringo spot, has said that they will be playing games, provided they don’t interfere with the football schedule. Tried and true to Irish ways, they stand firm on their priorities in sports and we can definitely respect that. Encomenderos 83

Loom – Our newest favorite bar on the block opened its doors just shy of perfect timing for the World Cup. So our dearest iLOOMinatis and beer makers have vowed that they will make up for it by welcoming baseball fans to watch the World Series in their brewing house and have been brewing up some holiday surprises to keep our thirst quenched. Bellavista 0360

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