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Como Sur is the leading source for the most up to date news and information on the rapidly expanding gastronomy scene in South America.  With writers spanning across seven countries in leading markets like Lima, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, and other cities, Como Sur provides news for both industry professionals and food enthusiasts alike.  Since launching in May 2013, Como Sur has steadily become the trusted source for readers that want to know where to be, where to eat, and how to get there.  From Europe to the United States, Central and South America and even Asia, no other source brings South American gastronomy to the world like Como Sur. 


Founder / Editor-In-Chief

Patrick Hieger



Anna Virkama de Cabrejos, City Editor


Maribel Rivero, City Editor




Majo Lois, City Editor


Travel Editor

Joanna Marracelli



Laurent Lhomond





“Como Sur has a knack for getting the news out before any other source.”

            –Kamilla Seidler | Head Chef | Gustu | La Paz, Bolivia


“Como Sur is an incredible outlet for us here on this side of the continent, to feel a lot closer, both physically and mentally, sharing and celebrating the same movement.”

            –Virgilio Martínez | Chef / Owner | Central | Lima, Peru


“Como Sur serves as an important source of information to help us stay up to date with the evolving food scene in South America. As a travel company, that gives us an important edge in the business.”

            –Colin Bennett | Owner | FoodyChile(.com) | Santiago, Chile


“Como Sur is the fundamental tool to know what’s happening in the South American food scene. If you live in South America and are passionate about food and travel, this is the site you need.”

            –Diego Salazar | Chairman, Southern Cone | World’s 50 Best | Lima, Peru



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