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Feria del Sánguche | Santiago, Chile

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Feria del Sánguche | Santiago, Chile

Feria del Sánguche | Santiago, Chile

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[image: Fiesta de la Naciones]

Gourmet Festivals This Weekend In Chile

[image: Fiesta de la Naciones]

[image: Fiesta de la Naciones]

Just in case you’re in Chile, need an excuse to get out of the house, drink beer, and buy handmade crafts and foods, we wanted to give you a couple of options.  Spring is in full effect in Chile and the plethora of festivals that keep popping up are out to prove just that.  Whether you’re in Santiago or on the coast, Chile’s got just the festival for you.


For three days Valparaiso will be overtaken by more than 50 hand-crafted, artisan beers, live music, and food.  The event, which starts at 2 pm from October 11 to 13, will take place at the Tornamesa del Muelle Barón.  Not just for adults, the event is family-friendly and costs just $3.500 CLP to get in.  Breweries like Granizo, Mestizo, and Promaucaes will be on hand to serve up their brews, and there will be activities for the whole family.  What better way to kick off the spring than by heading to the coast?


Fiesta de las Naciones,

At the end of October, Malloco, which sits about 30 miles west of Santiago, will be overrun by the famous Oktoberfest festival, which lasts nine days.  To get festival-goers, beer drinkers and thrill-seekers in the mood, the same organizers have put together the Fiesta de las Naciones, a three-day event full of beer, food, crafts, and much, much more.  Restaurants representing cuisine from all over the world will be on hand, and Santiago’s own Zapata Imports, amongst others, will be out slinging cold beers to help wash down all the delicious food.  Entry to the event is pro-rated to $6.000 CLP for all three days, and is just $4.000 CLP for an individual day pass, with discounts for seniors and children.  The event will run October 11 to 13, from 12:30pm to 8pm each day.  For directions, visit their map.  Salud!

[image: Vivi Francia]

French Picnic Sunday In Buenos Aires

Well, Buenos Aires is definitely bringing the heat this weekend.  Buenos Aires Food Week is in full swing and we can’t keep up with the social media storm that it has brought.  Buenos Aires Market is finally happening, after a rain delay last weekend.  The Catalan food festival that was kicked off by Josep Roca is happening all weekend.  And, if that’s not enough, Buenos Aires has turned French this week, culminating in a picnic on Sunday entitled Le Marché.

There will be live music, live painting, a small French-style market chock full of breads, cheeses and other French delicacies, and even free French classes!  Guests to the picnic are encouraged to bring blankets and baskets and really live it up French-style.  Entry is free, and the picnic will take place in Plaza Francia, naturally.  Enjoy.  [via Vivi Francia]

[image: Tambo]

Bolivia, Tambo, And A New Generation of Bolivian Cuisine

It’s safe to say that now that Bolivia’s second annual Feria Tambo is less than a month away, we’re super excited.  Hot on the heels of Peru’s Mistura, but with an identity and a focus that is entirely Bolivian, Tambo could become the determining factor in how Bolivia makes its mark on South American cuisine.  Not to discount Gustu, the recently-opened modernist take on endemic Bolivian ingredients that is making diners swoon over ingredients like llama, native fruits, and a super eclectic cocktail program, Tambo is co-sponsored by the restaurant.  With a restaurant backed by the likes of NOMA’s co-owner Klaus Meyer and a festival that celebrates the best of Bolivia, the high-altitude country will, undoubtedly, be getting a lot more attention soon.

To do our part, we wanted to give you this little snapshot of the good that Meyer has tried to instill in the country and its cuisine, as well as a preview of the kind of things you can expect at Tambo.  Though it’s not quite Mistura just yet, the festival will be anything but run of the mill.  Could the little country nestled way up in the mountains be the next to make a big mark on South American cuisine?  Well, we’re certainly expecting great things.  See you at Tambo!

[image: Maido]

‘Nikkei Es Peru’: The Book

At a moment when chefs are quickly becoming stars in front of the camera as much as workhorses behind the scenes, we’re certainly not upset that the chef of Lima’s acclaimed restaurant Maido, Mitsuharu Tsumura, decided to chronicle the making of his forthcoming book, Nikkei Es Perú.  Due out soon (next month-ish0, Tsumura gave the audience at Mistura’s Encuentro Gastronómico a little taste of what’s to come.  For everybody else?  Well, there’s a beautiful video of the writing and production process.  Just be forewarned – you’ll be really hungry after you watch this.  [via Nikkei Es Perú]

[image: Zagat]

Acurio’s Tanta Chicago On Zagat’s Top 20 Of 2013

Not even open for two months yet, Gastón Acurio’s Chicago outpost of his Tanta brand is already making waves.  The Peruvian chef’s first foray into the middle of the United States, the restaurant’s bold flavors, bold look and bold heritage are already winning over diners.  Zagat put it in the fourth spot on its list of ’20 Hottest Eateries of 2013.’  Could the slated opening of his cevichería, La Mar, in Miami’s Mandarin Oriental in November make the list at year’s end?  We’ll have to wait and see.  [via Zagat]

[photo: Aipim]

Aipim Poppin’ Up In Buenos Aires Saturday

Though we haven’t heard a whole lot out of Aipim since their joint pop-up dinner with Buenos Aires’ NOLA Chef last month, they’re back this Saturday with a 5-course pop-up.  What’s on the menu?  Well, check it out here, but some of the highlights include a bone marrow terrine, braised pork and panna cotta with maracuyá.  Don’t tell us you have something better to do.

Seats for the pop-up dinner are going for a mere AR $200, which includes wine pairings.  Space can be reserved via CookApp (just log in via Facebook) or by emailing Aipim directly at  Provecho!  [via Aipim]

[image: Casa Arévalo]

Perennial Plate In Buenos Aires September 28

[image: Casa Arévalo]

[image: Casa Arévalo]

Filmmakers, chefs, activists and all around good people Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine, the couple behind the Perennial Plate films, will be in Buenos Aires on September 28.  As part of a continuing world tour in which they document what they call “the wonders, complexities and stories behind the ever more connected global food system,” they’ll be making a stop in Buenos Aires to do some cooking.  Don’t worry – it’s going to be delicious.

Klein, a veteran of some of the world’s top restaurants, will be teaming up with Matías Kyriazis, chef of the recently crowned #44 Best Restaurant in Latin America, Paraje Arévalo, to bring guests a multi-course tasting experience.  And to, most likely, film it. Tickets to the event will be AR $450, inclusive of wine and food.  As with every single special event dinner that takes place in Buenos Aires, this will sell out quickly (if it hasn’t already!)  You can make your reservations at  [via Perennial Plate / Casa Arévalo]