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Kickstarter Project ‘De Vuelta’ Wants To Reunite Latin Immigrants With Their Culture And Cuisine (ES)

By Patrick Hieger

[De Vuelta / Kickstarter]

[De Vuelta / Kickstarter]

With Christmas now just a little more than two days away, if you haven’t done anything charitable yet this holiday season, now just might be your chance.  A new Kickstarter project called ‘De Vuelta’ would like to bring Latin American immigrants now based in the United States back to their native countries to rediscover the sights, the flavors, the smells and the sounds that they knew as a child, before heading to the United States to find a new home.  In an era where everyone and their brother is trying to make a culinary travel show, this one sounds like it at least has a foundation rooted in something more than just eating on camera.  

[photo: Spoh]

Santiago’s Spoh Microbrewery Looking For Help Via Kickstarter

Spoh, get it?  Hops spelled backwards.  They make beer, and they’d like to continue doing so.  Fans of the ever-expanding and improving Chilean microbrew scene may want to take note, as one of the hottest new breweries to hit the market last year, Spoh, is looking for $50.000 worth of help via Kickstarter.

From their Facebook page:

We would like to invite you to be part of our chilean brewery. We have put our dreams in a crowdfunding proyect. The idea is to raise funds to grow and further improve our quality standards. We appreciate a lot your participation and dissemination. Thank you very much!

Want to help?  The minimum donation is just $1.00.  That’s worth it for some more bottles with awesome animals on them.

Now watch this video: