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[image: Astrid y Gastón]

Creating Astrid y Gastón’s ‘El Viaje’

For a restaurant like Astrid y Gastón, you can’t simply write a whole new experience and expect to simply work from last year’s plates.  To develop the ambience, the message, the story of the restaurant’s newest menu, ‘El Viaje,’ which tells the story of Italian immigrants that traveled from Liguria to Callao, Gastón Acurio needed a whole new take on plate design.  In this beautiful HD video, we get to see how the journey becomes inspiration, a vision becomes a reality.  Watch and drool, then call to make reservations.  Where will your journey take you?  [via Astrid y Gastón]

[image: Mistura]

Mistura: The Restaurants

With August upon us and Mistura just around the corner, it’s about time to start getting excited about this year’s festival.  Out of the plaza and on to the beach, loaded with panels from world-renowned chefs and pioneers in the culinary field, this year’s Mistura will be the best yet, hands down.  And, perhaps most importantly, there will be food.  Lots of food.

El Comercio has the lowdown on the restaurants that will be taking part in this year’s Mistura and, needless to say, our mouths are already watering.  There will be various sections of restaurants and bars, ranging from ‘Andean’ to ‘Amazon’, ‘Nikkei’ to ‘Norteño’ and everything in between.  Don’t worry, there will be ceviche, too.

Mistura opens on September 6 and runs until September 15.  That’s 10 days of all the Peruvian food and culture you can handle.  The Gelinaz! dinner that will be honoring Gastón Acurio will take place on September 9, and the Latin’s America’s 50 Best Restaurants awards will take place on September 4, more of less kicking the festival off.  Will you be there?  We will.  And we couldn’t be more excited.  More as it comes.  [via El Comercio]

[photo: Kekanto]

Veuve Clicquot Dinners At Leopoldo Buenos Aires

[image: Leopoldo]

[image: Leopoldo]

Itching for some decadent French food and a proper bottle of bubbly?  Trying to woo a special someone and need a romantic place to do it?  Well, look no further, because Buenos Aires’ Leopoldo is doing six days worth of over-the-top French fare, and they’re pairing it all with Veuve Clicquot.

From August 6 to 11, Leopoldo will be offering a special 3-course French menu that includes an amuse as well as coffee and petit fours.  Dishes like bacalao with a saffron emulsion or grilled pheasant breast with an apple and cabbage compote will be paired ever so deliciously with Veuve Clicquot.  Considering that France is thawing and serving right out of the freezer, this is definitely your chance to get some fresh French cooking.

Tickets for the event are AR $450 per person, and each couple will get a bottle of bubbly with their meal.  Leopoldo is located at Cerviño 3732 in Palermo.  Reservations for the dinner can be made by calling 4805-5576.  Allez!  [via Leopoldo]


Kosher Festival August 4 In Buenos Aires

Be sure to gouge yourself on sausages at the parrillada on Saturday, because on Sunday there won’t be any pig around.  This Sunday, August 4, the city of Buenos Aires will be sponsoring the first ever Buenos Aires Celebrates Kosher festival.  A coming together of all the kosher options that port city has to offer, the festival will showcase foods, ingredients, restaurants and even hotels that offer kosher options.  Apparently there’s 11 in the city with kosher certification!

The festival will take place in Barrancas de Belgrano city park and is free to the public.  Free live music from local Klezmer bands and over 40 stands will be on hand to show off the best of Buenos Aires kosher.  Mazel tov!

[photo: Funny Cute Stuff]

Pajarito: Buenos Aires Food Week September 16 to 29

[image: Buenos Aires Food Week]

[image: Buenos Aires Food Week]

Though it hasn’t been officially released on their website yet, a little birdie told us that the next installment of the Buenos Aires Food Week will actually run two weeks, from September 16 to 29.  During April’s edition, at participating restaurants you could get a three-course lunch for AR $99 (approx. $20 US) and a three-course dinner for AR $169 (approx. $35 US).  It’s a great deal, and lets diners get a taste of restaurants they’ve been wanting to try. We’ll give you more information as we get it, but be sure and mark your calendars and save your pennies!

[photo: Like A Pastel De Choclo]

Parrillada, Pastel de Choclo, Empanadas and More Worth Traveling For

Up at the Daily Meal they just love putting together slide shows of foods that are, in some inevitable way, out of reach way down here in South America.  Whether it’s Thai food or some amazingly over the top American mess of a plate that would actually taste really good with about ten beers, the Daily Meal‘s slideshows are drool worthy.  This time, though, in their ode to foods worth traveling for, there’s at least a few that, here in the Southern Cone, are just around the corner.

Parrillada in Argentina.  Empanadas and pastel de choclo in Chile.  Ceviche in Peru.  Asado in Uruguay.  These, and several other South American dishes make the list of the 150 foods worth traveling for.  And, though there are some other things that could have possibly made the list, we’d have to agree with the choices.  Would you travel for any of these?  [via The Daily Meal]

[image: Aracari]

Happy Independence, Pisco Day Peru!

Here’s to PiscoViva Peru!  Where and however you’re celebrating, make it a good one.  [via RPP]

[image: Gustu]

Gustu: The Unexpected In Bolivia

If, five years ago, you had used the words ‘modern gastronomy’ and ‘Bolivia’ in the same sentence, people would have looked at you sideways.  Even five years ago it seemed an utter impossibility that the two terms could ever combine, what with Bolivia being South America’s poorest country.  With an unrelenting determination and a keen knowledge of how to make the most of what the land has to offer, though, Noma’s co-founder Claus Meyer has made the impossible possible in a land that has nearly been forgotten.

Gustu isn’t simply a restaurant.  It is the culmination of the idea that a nation could change through food.  Though Bolivia is poor, it is teeming with natural resources that have virtually been untapped.  Native plants, native animals, native foods that the world hasn’t yet heard of–it was all there waiting to be discovered.  Someone like Claus Meyer just needed a reason to do it.

In this write-up by Qué Pasa magazine, we get to see Meyer as a man that isn’t afraid of a challenge.  We get to see a side of Bolivia that isn’t just little ladies in traditional garb.  And we get to see modern food as we know it changing right before our very eyes.  It’s fun to watch.  [via Qué Pasa]