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[image: 100 en 1 Día]

‘100 en 1 Día’ Kickoff Party This Saturday At Radicales

[image: 100 en 1 día]

[image: 100 en 1 día]

Have you heard about 100 en 1 Día yet?  They’re a group of dedicated Santiaguinos looking to shake things up in Santiago on October 20, 2013.  Their goal is to make at least 100 social ‘interventions’ happen on that day with the help of Santiago’s finest, most dedicated citizens.  Kind of mass community action paired with paying it forward, if the event works, it will be an incredible day in Santiago.

The group has already started giving workshops and chats to those interested in making their idea become an intervention.  Additionally, this Saturday at Bellas Artes favorite Bar The Clinic’s new Radicales space, they’ll be hosting a party to kickoff the push towards the event.  There will be live music, screen printing and even cheap haircuts.  Tickets to the event are just $2.000 CLP beforehand, and $3.000 day of.  With such an inspiring concept behind it, this could be a remarkable party!  We’ll see you there.  [via 100 en 1 Día]

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Lima’s Chez Wong Gets More T+L Love

It wasn’t that long ago that Travel + Leisure featured Lima’s Chez Wong on their list of the best seafood restaurants around the world.  Now, hot on the heels of Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert’s visit to the secretive dining spot on the Peru episode of Parts Unknown, T + L is giving another nod to the Peruvian ceviche restaurant for their clandestine atmosphere.  Given that the dining spot doesn’t even have a website and reservations are made by email, the bounty of recent press means good things for Javier Wong and his work.  Unfortunately for us, this will most likely mean a longer wait and a higher price tag.  Our email is going out tomorrow!  [via Travel + Leisure]

[photo: Todo Avatar]

Pajarito: Another BsAs Pop-up This Friday

Once again, El Clu de La Polenta presents a meal in six courses.  Just as we told you last week about a little birdie giving us the details, seems that El Clu de la Polenta might start making this a regular thing.

This week’s menu is all vegetarian and sounds delicious: wild yeast wheat bread with orange babaganoush, sunchoke soup, golden polenta with tahini and conserved lemons.  There’s more, but we don’t want to torture you too much.

What’s more fun is that you don’t get the location until you reserve.  Secrets are so much fun!  Enjoy.  [via El Clu de la Polenta]