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[image: Platos y Copas]

La Despensa Gourmet 2013

Festival season is in high gear in the Southern Cone and we’ve got another to add to the list.  Chile’s own Platos & Copas magazine will be hosting their second annual La Despensa Gourmet festival at Casa Piedra in July.  From July 19 to July 21, La Despensa Gourmet will feature gourmet products from around the world for all to enjoy.  There will be more than 125 booths with gourmet foods on display, as well as cooking classes, workshops and countless tastings.  The event promises to bring together the best that both Santiago and the world have to offer in terms of gourmet cooking.

Want to take part?  Well, you can.  Platos & Copas has just launched it’s contest to see who can come up with the best new recipe.  Entries will be allowed for both entrée and dessert.  Winners will be revealed on Sunday, July 21, the last day of the event.  First place winner will take home a KitchenAid stand mixer, a one-year subscription to the magazine, and their recipe will be published as well!  That seems like a pretty good take-home for simply submitting a recipe!  We’ll see you there, and good luck!  [via La Despensa Gourmet]

[photo: Locos x el Asado]

Argentines Lose BBQ Championship, But Not Respect

As we told you last week, Argentina was represented for the first time at the World Barbecue Championships by a young startup team dubbed “Locos x el Asado.”  New to the game and eager to put Argentine-style barbecue (asado) on the map, they felt they had a good chance.  The Danes thought otherwise.  Not only did Argentina not claim gold, they didn’t even podium.  They did, however, gain a lot of respect. 

What mattered most to the Argentine team was that they stuck to what they knew.  The used their crosses and flat top grills.  They even went head to head with the home team in Morocco on Saturday, beating them in a lamb cook off.  Where the Moroccans were able to cook 3 whole lambs, the Argentines cooked 10.  That’s bragging rights in itself.

Given that the team was slapped together and sent abroad via fundraisers, their first showing was a good one.  They’ve been invited to cook in Ireland and Holland and will undoubtedly be asked back to next year’s championship.  We’ll be sure to follow their progress.  [via Clarín]