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Mexico Got A Taste Of September’s Latin America’s 50 Best Ceremony (ES)

By Patrick Hieger

[Latin America's 50 Best]

[Latin America’s 50 Best]

Earlier this week, the team behind the Latin America’s 50 Best Awards, which has been moved to Mexico for 2015, were in the host country to commingle with the chefs who will host hordes of fans, journalists, and other chefs from throughout the region. Their hosts for the visit included chefs Jorge Vallejo of Quintonil, Mikel Alonso of Biko, and Pedro Evia of Kuuk, amongst others, who cooked for their guests, and shared some ideas of what this year’s ceremony will look like. Running the kitchen for the #50BestTalks was Elena Reygadas of Rosetta, who was the recipient of last year’s award for best Female Chef in Latin America.

Here’s A Recap Of The ‘#50BestTalks’ In Lima Last Month (ES)

By Patrick Hieger

[World's 50 Best]

[World’s 50 Best]

Late last month, the organizers of the World’s 50 Best list got together with the chefs, writers, critics, and restaurateurs leading the gastronomic boom that’s currently happening in Lima.  The goal was to talk about and debate the role that each of the chefs and their high-end restaurants play in developing not just the scene in Lima, but the role of food in Peru as a whole.  Included in the conversation were chefs like Virgilio Martínez of Central, Gastón Acurio, critic and writer Ignacio Medina, and many more.  Though each may be distinguished in their field, and recognized for the work they’ve done to put Peru on the new world map of cuisine, it reads as though each spoke quite humbly about where Peru is now, and what needs to happen to make sure that it stays there.