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BOOKS: A New Feature About The Literary Side Of South American Cuisine (ES / PO)

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As we saw during the compilation of nominees for the Como Sur Best of 2014 awards, last year was an incredible year for cookbooks. Chefs, bloggers, and cooks of all types put pen to paper to tell their story, and to bring a little more of their culture and their cuisine to the masses. Many of last year’s releases have already received huge praise at this year’s Gourmand World Cookbook awards, and we’ve been hearing that even more incredible books are set to hit the shelves throughout 2015. So, rather than let this incredibly diverse, important part of the story of South American gastronomy wait to be recognized during our annual awards, we wanted to make sure that you, our readers, know about the latest releases, and where to get them.

The Como Sur Best Of 2014 Awards: Voting Starts Now

By Patrick Hieger

Como Sur 2014 Awards Logo RedIt’s hard to believe that another year has passed. It’s even harder to believe that so many incredible things happened this past year. New restaurants opened. Big events got bigger. Loads of new cookbooks came out. And we got to eat so much incredible food. Yes, 2014 was an incredible year for South America and its cuisine, and we want to recognize the countries that made it great.

As of today, we’re opening the voting for the Como Sur Best of 2014 Awards. And there is a lot to choose from. Not only were we able to broaden the awards this year to cover each of the countries we focus on, but we were able to include various categories in each. We’ve got books from Brazil, new restaurants in Bolivia, events, chefs, and more.  So it’s time for you to vote.

The survey below passes through the countries that we regularly focus on, with categories for each.  At the end,  you’ll find categories for the overall continent. There’s a lot to choose from. Happy voting!

The Best of 2014: Como Sur Turns 1 (ES / PO)

By Patrick Hieger

comosurbirthdaylogoAs we close out this year that has been equal parts incredible, eye-opening, delicious, and full of travel, exceptional meals, and a lot of exploration, we’d like to offer up one last post that’s incredibly important for us, made possible by you, our readers.  This past May, we celebrated our first anniversary, and have you to thank for it.  Without our readers, and without their care and concern for the incredibly diverse, innovative, and at same time traditional, gastronomy scene that’s steadily growing on a daily basis, we wouldn’t be here.  We’re already heading towards our second anniversary, but did want to say thank you one last time.

We’ve got some great content planned for next year, and some new formatting that will help your reading experience and engagement with Como Sur that much better.  We also have some insider information about some huge events that are coming, so stay tuned.  Thanks to YOU, our readers, for the continued support.  We do it for you!  

The Best Of 2014: Como Sur Docs

By Patrick Hieger

Docs LogoAs we aim to shed light on the ever-expanding gastronomy scene in South America, we realize that it’s not just the big name chefs and world-famous restaurants that are pushing things ahead.  In fact, many of the chefs leading those restaurants are sourcing from very small farms outside of the major city centers who still employ generations-old methods to yield superior products.  They’re also drawing inspiration from the regional and traditional foods from each of their countries, bringing those plates and techniques back to their own kitchen to elevate them to a surprising new level.  And we wanted to see it all.