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Destinos: In Search Of A Horse With No Name In The Tatacoa Desert, Colombia

By Joanna Marracelli

[Laurent Lhomond]

[Laurent Lhomond]

If you’ve been keeping up with my Travel pieces in Colombia, you undoubtedly have realized by now just how richly diverse this country is.  From the sipping coco locos at the beach in the Caribbean Sea  to piranha fishing in the Amazon jungle  to discovering how coffee is made in the Colombian mountains, this country has an infinite number of different landscapes. But even I was surprised to learn that Colombia also has its very own desert.  We’re not talking Sahara here or even Sonoran desert.  The Tatacoa Desert is relatively small, occupying a space of just 330 square kilometers.  It’s a semi-arid desert and a tropical dry forest all in one, which means it isn’t as dry as what you picture when you think of a normal, arid desert.  Rain falls here and diverse flora and fauna thrive here.  They have adapted to the high temperature, low humid, dry environment and in addition to the large cacti and spectacular colors found here, it is what helps shape this place and make it so unique.

Chile’s Maipo Valley Is A Top 10 Wine Region To Visit (ES)

By Patrick Hieger

[USA Today]

[USA Today]

Back a couple of weeks ago, U.S. magazine USA Today opened the polls to readers to vote for their top 10 wine regions worth paying a visit.  The polls were closed, the votes were tallied and the somewhat suprising results are in.  A great deal of regions from around the world were nominated, but only two from South America were in the running–Chile’s Maipo Valley, and Mendoza in Argentina.  In a bit of a surprise outcome, Mendoza wasn’t included in the Top 10.

Do the results matter?  Well, at least for Chile they do.  Mendoza has long been considered an incredible wine destination in the Western Hemisphere, and a whole variety of new boutique resorts and lodges are opening to allow for more visitors.  Chile, however, has only recently started to amp up its enotourism game, so a win like this could mean great things for the Argentine neighbor.  And while lists like these come out almost weekly, we could start to see some changes in the typical Top 10s.  Bravo, Chile.  Salud! 

[Logo Lounge]

UK’s Food and Travel Names Peru ‘Destination of the Year’

On Tuesday night in London, Food and Travel magazine handed out their Food and Travel Magazine Reader Awards at the Savoy Hotel.  Though it wasn’t really meant to be a precursor to the massive week that Peru and Lima embarked upon yesterday with the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards, it was.  In yet another not-so-surprising turn of events, Peru was given the Destination of the Year awards, as chosen by readers.  It seems like something is starting to click with the international community.  The results, apparently, come from “Peru’s growing popularity as both a food and travel hotspot.”  Need we say more?  [via Bernama]