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Buenos Aires’ Florería Atlántico Is Once Again Lat Am’s Top Bar (ES)

By Patrick Hieger

[World's 50 Best Bars]

[World’s 50 Best Bars]

Today in London, the 2014 edition of the World’s 50 Best Bars took place, and once again it was a big year for Buenos Aires’ Florería Atlántico.  Known for its clandestine location situated beneath a flower shop in Recoleta, the speakeasy-style bar came in at number 39 on the list, ranking it the highest in Latin America.  Also on the list from Latin America were Mexico’s La Capilla and Limantour, at number 46 and 47, respectively.  The top three include London’s Artesian at number 1, New York’s Dead Rabbit at number 2, and London’s Night Jar at number 3.

Over on Twitter, @50BestBars made the mistake of calling Florería Atlántico a new entry, which it is clearly not since it won the Latin America’s Best Bar title last year as well.  Excitement will do that to you.  Congrats to all the winners.

[photo: Como Sur]

Leading Chefs On The Latin American Boom

[photo: Como Sur]

[photo: Como Sur]

For Rene Redzepi, it’s the ancient culture and traditions of Mexico that make it great.  For Kamilla Seidler, it’s the diversity of Bolivian ingredients that will push it ahead.  For Rodolfo Guzmán, it’s the fact that Latin American chefs, from Mexico to Brazil to Chile, are finally coming together and sharing knowledge that will ultimately benefit the region as a whole.  And for a whole slew of other chefs, it’s Peru, it’s biodiversity, it’s new flavors, and so on.  It’s Latin America, and the world is looking in this direction.  In his latest piece for Bloomberg, writer, critic, and chairman of the UK and Ireland for the World’s 50 Best, Richard Vines, surveyed some of the world’s most celebrated chefs including Alain Ducasse about Latin America.  In short, Latin America’s coming on strong, and Peru is leading the way.  Chefs in and out of Latin America agree that there’s something special going on here, and it’s not to be overlooked.  Read up and get excited.  [via Bloomberg]

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Gastón Acurio’s Recipe For Success

Last week at Santiago’s W, famed Peruvian chef, entrepreneur, and man of the people Gastón Acurio was the keynote speaker at an investment and entrepreneurial seminar held by LarrainVial.  The topic?  Investing in Latin America–something that Acurio has virtually pioneered.

With clear objectives in mind such as the promotion of Peruvian products and cooking, as well as Peruvian tourism, Acurio explained to the room of more than 600 people how investing in Latin America will pay off.  Speaking mostly of Peru but with a message that applies to Latin America at large, the chef widdled success down to a matter of national pride.  Just as Peru has tripled its tourism in the last 10 years, so can other countries like Chile, Argentina, and the rest of South America.  Simply put, it’s a recipe for success.  [via Qué Pasa]

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The Other Lat Am Foodstuffs

The folks at We Blog The World have compiled a list of 10 very unique, though traditional, yet often-unheard of dining options from across Latin America that might make you think twice about ordering “that thing you’ve never heard of” off the menu.  Coconut grubs, anyone?  Bull Penis soup?  What about tortoise eggs?  For the record, Chicha, in its many forms, is absolutely delicious, and the Moripan that is mentioned is quite good, too.  However, chances are not likely that you’ll be eating any of these for breakfast, but find yourself a little off the beaten path and you might be in for an unexpected surprise.  [via We Blog The World]

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San Pellegrino 50 Best Latin American Restaurants


[photo: San Pellegrino]

In a press release posted on San Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants website, Peru will play host to the first edition of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants.  The event will be held on September 4th, 2013 in Lima, Peru.  Cusqueña is the event’s main sponsor.  With the fabric of the world’s restaurants changing rapidly and the success of San Pellegrino’s Top 50 of Asia, it’s only logical that the next list would be in a burgeoning market.  The event promises to be exciting.  Stay tuned for updates.