By Natasha Greenhouse

Where To Eat Sao Paulo Essentials

With the first-ever Michelin guide to Brazil set to appear in 2015, and more than a handful of restaurants on the list of Latin America’s 50 Best restaurants, São Paulo is one of South America’s most influential cities for both cutting edge and traditional Brazilian cuisine.  Led by giants like Alex Atala, Helena Rizzo, and Alberto Landgraf, a new phase has begun in the cosmopolitan city, ushering in a new focus on locally sourced ingredients, and a return to the Amazon, whose bounty is only slowly being discovered.  For those interested in simpler, more traditional fare, the city also offers a slew of botecos and smaller eateries serving up classic dishes like Feijoada and a whole array of international cuisine.  Below, find our list of essential restaurants that are a must-try on any visit to São Paulo.