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Peruvian Food Is Huge In Four U.S. States (ES)

By Patrick Hieger

[Huffington Post]

[Huffington Post]

Working together with Yelp, it seems that the Huffington Post, once known for cutting-edge journalism and a strong, liberal stance, has now determined the most disproportionately popular foods in each state, and they’ve created an accompanying map. After looking through percentages of restaurants in each state, then comparing these results to other states throughout the nation, Huff Post and Yelp were able to determine that Peruvian food is wildly popular in Maryland and Virginia, with strong showings in Florida and New Jersey. Not surprisingly, even with a high percentage of Peruvian restaurants throughout Miami, Cuban food ranked first in Florida. 

Where To Eat: The São Paulo Essentials

By Natasha Greenhouse

Where To Eat Sao Paulo Essentials

With the first-ever Michelin guide to Brazil set to appear in 2015, and more than a handful of restaurants on the list of Latin America’s 50 Best restaurants, São Paulo is one of South America’s most influential cities for both cutting edge and traditional Brazilian cuisine.  Led by giants like Alex Atala, Helena Rizzo, and Alberto Landgraf, a new phase has begun in the cosmopolitan city, ushering in a new focus on locally sourced ingredients, and a return to the Amazon, whose bounty is only slowly being discovered.  For those interested in simpler, more traditional fare, the city also offers a slew of botecos and smaller eateries serving up classic dishes like Feijoada and a whole array of international cuisine.  Below, find our list of essential restaurants that are a must-try on any visit to São Paulo.

Where To Eat Now: The Caracas Essentials

By Maria Luisa Rios
Maria Luisa Rios is a native Venezuelan, food lover, and author of Mil Sabores.  When she’s not giving food tours to eager food lovers like herself, she’s at home creating classic Venezuelan creations in her home kitchen.

Where To Eat Caracas


With such a diverse climate and various growing regions scattered throughout the country, Venezuelan cuisine has the potential to become one of the best on the planet.  Even though tourism in Caracas may be tricky these days, they still have a vibrant restaurant scene, and celebrate the fruits of the land in traditional dishes, and a blend of cultures.  If you do happen to be a tourist, or just in town for business, we’ve selected a crop of restaurants that aren’t to be missed, especially if you want a true taste of Venezuela.  From high-end cuisine at Alto to a taste of grandma’s cooking, these are the essential Caracas restaurants.

The Best Of South America In London, Mapped

By Andrea Duty

Though we’ve been screaming the praises of South American food for some time now, the world at large hasn’t yet gotten a full dose of the continent’s bounty.  Little by little, though, and with a good deal of help from Peru, restaurants showcasing the next wave in in the best of world cuisine are popping up around the globe in places that couldn’t be farther from South America.  One of the growing centers of South American delights is London, which now boasts one of only three Michelin-starred Peruvian restaurants in the world.  If you’re in the UK and looking for flavors from south of the equator, we’ve got  you covered.  Below, a list of the essential South American restaurants in London.