By Patrick Hieger

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When you’ve traveled internationally, paid a couple hundred dollars for a ticket, and rearranged your schedule to sit in on three days of talks and workshops dedicated to food and pushing the country ahead, it can be disconcerting when the symposium’s first invited speaker starts off by saying that she’s grown tired of symposiums.  “Symposiums have become repetitive,” said Luciana Bianchi, chef and award-winning culinary journalist. Most symposiums repeat the same material, she lamented.

However, Bianchi, in Bolivia for the first time, saw something new, and important.  “This congress has a very special voice,” she said.  A local voice.  A voice that can reach out to the government.  A voice that can create unity, and ultimately strength.  Tambo, as a symposium, had received Bianchi’s seal of approval. It was local, important, necessary.