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Find Native Uruguay Off The Beaten Summer Path (ES)

By Majo Lois



Away from the typical route of resorts and beachside restaurants that fill up during Uruguay’s summer months, you’ll find a few unique dining options, focused more on food than simply creating a lush environment. Located in Canelones, Arazá Bistro adheres to the philosophies of the Slow Food movement, which respects the earth and its seasons, opposes homogenization of food, and defends native products. The restaurant’s two chefs, Catherine Rivero and Dayana Martinez, cook not only with seasonal products, but also go to lengths to include native fruits, locally-raised meats, and drinks from the region. 

[image: Peumayen]

Keep Celebrating We Tripantu, Mapuche New Year

If you weren’t able to make it to one of the various Mapuche New Year celebrations that took place this past weekend, fear not.  Even though you may have to do a bit of the work  yourself and the results might not be as fun as having a chef deliver them to your table, many traditional Mapuche ingredients are available right now for you to make the southern Chilean delicacies.  What’s better?  We have recipes.

Argentine-born, Mapuche-trained and inspired chef Juan Manuel Pena Passaro is the head chef of Peumayen, Bellavista’s newest and only homage to all things Mapuche.  They celebrated this past weekend with special menus showing the true indigenous flavors of the native Chilean people.  In this guide from Mujer magazine, Passaro gives us his recipes for a couple of Mapuche-style dishes that are perfect for these cold days.   Rest assured, after reading these recipes you’ll look at piñones in a whole new light.  Happy New Year!  [via Mujer]