By Colin Bennett

[photo: Lauren Barragan]

[Lauren Barragan]

Get ready for more post-dieciocho fun at Echinuco 2014. Now in its fourth installment, Echinuco stands for Encuentro Chileno de Nuestra Cocina and prides itself as a promoter of Chile’s national cuisine. If you have never been before, it’s sort of a brand-tastic and affluent version of Chile’s many regional, and very country, cultural and culinary fairs. It comes adorned with empty fruit boxes, plenty of Chilean flags, plopped right into the scenic Parque Bicentenario, with the towers of Sanhatten in the backdrop.

This year will have all the same format of stands, restaurants, novelties and seminars as in past editions. The presenting chef roaster for this year includes Buenos Aires based Martín Montelli (@mm_puratierra); José Luis Merino, the force behind some of Santiago’s best watering holes and eateries like Ciudad Vieja, Ciudadano, Mamboleta, Bravo Cabrera and La Percanta; Executive Chef of the Plaza San Francisco Axel Manriquez (@axelcocinero), Top Chef judge Carlo Von Mühlenbrock  (@carlo_cocina); as well as Tomás Olivera (@TOLchef) and Valparaiso’s Gonzalo Larra.