By Majo Lois


[Piriápolis / Olga Rivero]

Piriápolis is a resort on the Uruguayan coast characterized by easy-going family tourism, without the flashiness of other resorts in the area. Their culinary offerings lean towards the traditional, for which they recently built a restaurant hidden in the side of Cerro San Antonio. Because Uruguay is a country known for its plains, eating on a hill, from which you can see both the atlantic ocean and the city, is a true curiosity. Rocco Livieri and Darío Díaz, owners of the restaurant, took an old house called La Folie and transformed it into a space that honors the view from where you’re seated. In their own words, “our name, the Eye of God, implies a recognition and admiration for the magnificent creations that you can ponder from the various areas of the property which is why we’ve created Panoramic Gastronomy.”