By Maribel Rivero


[Wikimedia Commons]

Each year, the first Saturday in February, Peruvians celebrate their national cocktail, the Pisco Sour.  This cocktail only gets one day of celebration unlike the “Semana de Chilcano,” a weeklong celebration of the other famous Peruvian cocktail, which happens in January. After asking local gastronomes why the more well-known cocktail gets less of a celebration, answers were inconclusive.  However, they did offer up quite a bit of feedback on the subject of what makes a good Pisco Sour.  The Union of Peruvian Sommeliers provided a lecture session presenting the history of Pisco and the Pisco Sour, the varietals of Pisco, and the art of making the perfect Pisco Sour.  Suffice it to say that with a room full of Peruvians there is as much pride that goes into the components of making a Pisco Sour as there is associated with creating Peru’s traditional dishes.