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Breaking Down The Pisco Sour, From Chile To Peru

By Colin Bennett

[Diario 16]

[Diario 16]

I hate to call it an “icon”, but that’s really the best way to describe what the pisco sour means for drinks in both Chile and Peru. After all, it is by far the most pleasant and recognizable way to enjoy this distilled grape brandy. Chile’s piscola seems better fit for student parties in parks, but anything mixed solely with Coca Cola can hardly climb the latter into “cocteleria”. And only a few well elaborated labels are worthy of sipping on the rocks.
This is not an attempt to comment on the origins of pisco, nor on who makes a better pisco sour, nor who really “owns” the name. That would only detract from what is an awesome way to kick off a dinner, a party or close out a meeting.  A quick cruise through the nooks and crannies of the internet will yield three principal theories on the origin of the drink, and would suggest a truly Peruvian origin:

Here’s A List Of The World’s Top 10 Pisco Sours (ES)

By Patrick Hieger

[World's Best Bars / Lima London]

[World’s Best Bars / Lima London]

It seems as though Peru’s national spirit, Pisco, is no longer just for drinking in Peru.  In fact, in this new list as created by World’s Best Bars that counts down the top 10 Pisco sours in the world, only three are actually in Lima.  Heads may roll when this list gets tossed around, but then again, isn’t that what rankings are all about?  Lima London leads the pack, followed Gastón Acurio’s raved about Tanta, in Chicago.  London and New York City round out the top 5, and even Buenos Aires makes an appearance on the list.  It will be interesting to see the commentary this list yields in the days to come.

Parece que el spirit nacional de Peru, Pisco, ya no se toma exclusivamente en Peru.  De hecho, en esta nueva lista creada por World’s Best Bars que cuenta los 10 mejores Pisco sours del mundo, hay solamente tres en Lima.  Habrá un polémico cuando más gente ve esta lista, pero en realidad, por eso existen los rankings, verdad?  Lima London es el lider, con el nuevo querido Tanta, en Chicago, de Gastón Acurio.  Londres y New York City terminan los top 5, y también Buenos Aires aparece en la lista.  Será interesante ver el comentario que rinde esta lista en los días que vienen.