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Watch Cocina Sin Fronteras Land In Mexico (ES)

By Patrick Hieger

[Restaurantería MX]

[Restaurantería MX]

As chefs like Rene Redzepi, Grant Achatz, and Heston Blumenthal take their internationally-renowned kitchens on the road, creating pop-up restaurants unlike anyone has ever seen, chefs Gabriela Lafuente and Fer Rivarola of Buenos Aires’ El Baqueano continue to create international alliances throughout Latin America. For the inaugural edition of the 2015 season of Cocina Sin Fronteras, earlier this month Rivarola and Lafuente headed to Mexico, to cook at the widely acclaimed Biko. Together with Biko chef Gerard Believer, Alejandro Ruiz of Casa Oaxaca, and pastry chef Jose Ramón Castillo of Que Bo!, diners were treated to a one-night-only feast that spanned the region and delighted the senses.

BsAs’ NOLA And Chochán Come Together Sunday For A One-Night-Only Pop-Up (ES)

By Patrick Hieger

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 1.16.55 PM

This Sunday night, Buenos Aires is effectively going to become ground zero for all things incredible when two of the city’s hottest new restaurants, NOLA Gastropub and Chochán host a one night only pop-up that will probably become the most talked about evening of 2014.  NOLA owner Liza Puglia and Chochán chica Naiara Calvino have worked together in the past, when the two combined forces at Puglia’s old Puertas Cerradas place.  However, now that both chefs own buzzworthy restaurants and near-religious followings, Sunday night should be nothing short of spectacular.

Puglia will take a back seat and let Calvino’s ‘Delicias en Cerdo’ take center stage, rather than NOLA’s famous fried chicken, but with a menu that combines tacos, ribs, and a few tropical fruits, the New Orleans chef’s eclectic background and influences will certainly be present.  As usual, the pop-up will be first come, first served, and the kitchen will close at 11:30 pm, or when the food runs out.  NOLA is located at Gorriti 4389 in Palermo Soho.  We’ll be seeing you there, little piggies.

Two Legit Pop-Ups Hit Lima This Month (ES)

By Patrick Hieger

If you’re tired of set menus and four walls and want to shake up your dining out routine, it’s going to be a good month in Lima.  Later this month, Lima’s two leading pop-up groups, Lima Pop Up and IS Creative Kitchen, each have dinners planned, and both look incredible.

10710894_768628476509406_7316154155615020709_nNikkei Attack | Lima Pop-Up
On Saturday, November 15, Lima Pop-Up founder Ricardo Laca will bring chefs Alonso Arakaki and Coco Tomita together for a one-night-only Nikkei showdown.  Each chef will cook their version of five different dishes, giving diners 10 different courses of Peru’s most famous fusion cuisine.  Reservations can be made by emailing or calling 991 139 909.  Only 60 seats are available, so be sure and reserve soon.

caperucitaCaperucita Feroz | IS Creative Kitchen
Two weeks later, from the same team who has done a balcony brunch and a Japanese-style street food pop-up, IS Creative Kitchen will present Caperucita Feroz, a culinary take on the tales of the Brothers Grimm.  Guests will receive five courses, a welcome cocktail, and wines with each course.  Reservations can be purchased here, at up to a 30% discount, if purchased in advance.  Dinner takes place on Saturday, November 29.



The White Rabbit Presents THUNDERDOME November 9 (ES)


On Sunday, November 9, Santiago’s The White Rabbit will present another installment of the beer dinners they’ve been doing with Beervana, bringing together chefs from around the city with some of the best craft beers available.  The November installment will be called Thunderdome, and promises to be a meal of epic proportions.  Thunderdome will bring together Manolo Aznar of Colamdo Café and Bakery, Rolando Ortega of Salvador Cocina y Café, as well as our very own editor, Patrick Hieger, for a one-night-only, six-course meal.  Each chef will have their spin on two courses, culminating in a final, group-effort dessert, appropriately titled Thunderdome.  Get ready.

Thunderdome will take place on Sunday, November 9, starting at 20:00.  Reservations for the dinner are CLP $40.000, which will include a cocktail hour, six courses, and dessert, all paired with hand-selected craft beers from Beervana.  Tickets can be purchased here:

Watch Martin Morales Boogie, Cook and DJ In Berlin (ES)

By Patrick Hieger



Simply put, Martin Morales is non-stop. Now with two hit restaurants in the heart of London, a cookbook that continues to be translated into various languages around the world, and another new compilation of hot Peruvian funk from his record label Tiger’s Milk Records, it’s hard to tell whether the chef / DJ / restaurateur (read Mogul) is coming or going. What a life.

If you want a taste of a day in the life of Martin Morales, check out this new video compilation of his book and record release in Germany.  Part pop-up, part book signing for the new translation of Ceviche in German, and part DJ set for the release of the new Peru Bravo compilation, Morales has managed to do what most people only dream of–fuse his passions and his career into one, making for a love letter to Peru that’s as exciting to dance to as it is delicious to eat.  So, when’s that South American party happening?

[image: IS Creative Kitchen]

Lima’s IS Creative Kitchen Pop-Up Brunch

[image: IS Creative Kitchen]
[image: IS Creative Kitchen]

Pop-up news is easily our most favorite to report on, because it’s often unexpected, always exciting, and constantly changing.  2013 was, without a doubt, the year of the pop-up in Santiago.  With two already planned for January, it could very well be that 2014 will belong to Lima.

On Saturday, January 18th, Lima’s “first pop-up restaurant” IS Creative Kitchen will once again delight diners with their creative, tongue-in cheek approach to the modern food that itinerant diners want.  On some fourth floor balcony in Lima, they’ll be dishing up brunch, as they call it, “NYC style.”  Even better, it will be treated like a picnic.  Bring your seersucker.

Next Saturday’s event, which will be limited to only 20 diners, will include brunch favorites such as Bellinis, Eggs Benedict and Florentine, Pancakes, Hashbrowns, and Bacon.  There will also be live music, which we’re hoping involves an accordion in some way.  Tickets to the event are a mere S./ 75, a steal for a great time at what sounds like a fantastic location for a Saturday brunch.  For a complete list of instructions on how to make your reservation, go to the bottom of this page, and read carefully.

[photo: Publimetro]

Matias Palomo Farewell Pop-Up

[photo: Publimetro]

[photo: Publimetro]

As former Noi Hotels and Sukalde chef Matias Palomo prepares to depart from Chile for the next phase in his career in Costa Rica, he’s planning to say goodbye with one last farewell pop-up dinner.  Palomo, along with Buenos Aires chef Leandro ‘Lele’ Cristóbal of the famed Café San Juan, will be cooking up a seven-course meal, all paired with various wines and cocktails.  Undoubtedly a bit of an ‘insiders’ dinner, the evening still promises to be fun and delicious for all in attendance.  Word has it, too, that included in the price will be gifts, and some unexpected surprises.  What that means, we have no idea.  You’ll just have to go to find out.

Space is limited to 30 people, so if you’re interested in this one-time only dinner, be sure and reserve now.  Tickets to the event are $35.000 CLP and, in true pop-up fashion, the location of the event will only be given to those who have made a reservation.  For more information, or to make your reservation, email event organizer Raul Campos at  Fare well Matias!  Salud!  [via Críticas Gastronómicas]

[image: Boletus Taller]

Boletus Taller: Santiago’s Pop-Up Scene Groweth (Tonight!)

Santiago, Chile, are you paying attention?  Do you see what’s going on around you?  The culinary uprising that’s happening as we write this?  There’s a movement going on, and it couldn’t be more delicious.  Just when you thought you had heard about the best of what the pop-up movement had to offer, some more brazen chefs that want to shake things up have decided to go rogue and do their own dinners, in their own way.

On Monday, September 2, get ready for the newest addition to Santiago’s up-and-coming dining scene, with the presentation and first dinner from the team behind Boletus Taller.  Comprised of chefs Cucho Cubillos and Joaquín Vacarros, both Chilean cooks and Boragó alums who have spent the last year developing their ‘taller’ or workshop, their first dinner will give diners a chance to see what they’ve been working on, and just what they have in store.  Expect nothing short of extremely focused, creative, forward-thinking cuisine.

The first Boletus Taller dinner will take place on Monday, September 2 at 8:00 pm.  Reservations for the event are $19.500 CLP, which includes five courses plus a beverage pairing.  The location of the event will be given the day of the event, with a paid reservation.  For more information on the chefs and their work, email them at  More information as we get it.  We’ll see you there.  [via Boletus Taller]