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Expired Chicken And Other Products Were Found In Several Cusco Restaurants (ES)

By Patrick Hieger

[Andina / Percy Hurtado Santillán]

[Andina / Percy Hurtado Santillán]

A major raid took place on several fast food restaurants in Cusco, Peru yesterday, including burger chain Bembos, Burger King, Popeye’s, and China Wok, who were all found to have expired products, including numerous kilos of chicken, as well as workers without sanitation permits.  According to Andina, more than 45 kilos of expired chicken still in bags was removed from China Wok, along with expired oyster sauce, and other products.  This is the second offense for China Wok, who were previously found to have expired wontons. The other locations’ expired products included frozen chicken, french fries, sauces, and more. Both Bembos and China Wok could be shut down, pending further investigation.

Una gran redada pasó ayer en varios locales de comida rápida en Cusco, Peru incluyendo a Bembos, Burger King, Popeye’s, y China Wok, todos utilizando productos vencidos que incluyeron varios kilos de pollo, y también trabajadores sin registro sanitario.  Según Andina, se retiraron más de 45 kilos de pollo vencido todavía en bolsas de China Wok, y también salsa de ostión vencida, entre otros productos.  Esta es la segunda infracción para China Wok, que anteriormente estaba utilizando wontones vencidos.  Los productos vencidos de los otros locales incluyeron pollo congelado, papas fritas, salsas, y más.  Se podría clausurar a Bembos y China Wok, después de más investigación.

Santiago Restaurant Raided For Employee Abuse

Yesterday, June 13, police raided the Jewel of India restaurant in Santiago’s Providencia neighborhood as part of an ongoing investigation into illegal workers and poor working conditions.  The investigation has been ongoing since 2011.  The owners of the restaurant will likely be charged with exploitation and abuse.  More as we get it.  [via Emol]