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Buzzworthy: Lima

By Patrick Hieger and Maribel Rivero


Although Lima might not yet have the restaurant opening power of cities like New York, London, or San Francisco, a recent string of brand new restaurants in Peru’s capital have brought a whole new wave of Peruvian cuisine to the city, and they have everyone talking. To whet your appetite and give you some new reasons to go out to eat, we’ve rounded up the best of Lima’s latest openings. From a fast food saltado joint to a creole spot in the up and coming Barranco neighborhood that has one of the best pisco bars in the city, these are the buzzworthy new restaurants that are sure to become part of any conversation about the incredible dining scene that Lima continues to build. Provecho!

The First-Ever Santiago Dining Week Is March 2 to 15 (ES)

By Patrick Hieger

[Santiago Dining Week]

[Santiago Dining Week]

For some reason, these restaurant weeks are never just seven days long. Regardless, taking full advantage of the recent boom in restaurant openings, cooking shows, gourmet guides, and the rapid growth of the culinary scene in Santiago, Chile, the first-ever Santiago Dining Week will give eager eaters the chance to try some of the city’s best restaurants. Just like similar versions in Buenos Aires and Lima, Santiago Dining Week will be a two week event featuring 25 restaurants offering specially-priced three course meals. 

Osaka’s Ciro Watanabe Wants To Open Two Restaurants Next Year (ES)

By Patrick Hieger



2014 has already been a big year for Ciro Watanabe.  The Peruvian chef, who now calls Santiago home, is one of the judges on the wildly successful new Top Chef Chile.  Osaka jumped 18 spots on this year’s Latin America’s 50 Best list.  And he’s lost a ton of weight, thanks to a risky decision.  2015 looks like it will be even bigger for the 34-year old.

In this new interview with Paula magazine, read about the incredible journey that the young chef has had in just five years since moving to Santiago, and the good that is yet to come next year.  We can expect a couple of restaurants, a cookbook, and most likely another jump in the rankings.  And hopefully another season of Top Chef

The Essentials: Buenos Aires

By Megan Chochla and Martha Mendes

buenos aires essentials

As we continue to scour the continent and look for the best in food and drink that South America’s leading cities have to offer, we’re updating our essentials lists with bars and restaurants that are not to be missed.  We’ve gone ahead and given Buenos Aires the 26 treatment, finding some of the city’s most classic hot spots, as well as some newcomers that both tourists and locals should be hitting up with frequency.  From Latin America’s top bar to pork-centric restaurant in San Telmo, these are the essentials for any trip to the Paris of the south.  Provecho!

There Are Peruvian Restaurants In Finland, Italy, and Belgium (ES)

By Patrick Hieger

[Logo Lounge]

[Logo Lounge]

Yesterday via both Twitter and Facebook, Peruvian empire builder Gastón Acurio started giving shout outs to Peruvian restaurants in countries around the world, from Sweden to Italy and even Thailand.  Proud of all that his homeland has done to promote its cuisine to the world, he created quite a list of restaurants in places that you might never imagine having such international cuisine.  If you’re living anywhere in the world but Peru, but need a taste of South America’s hottest culinary destination, have a look at the list below.  You just might be in luck.

Ayer a través de Twitter y Facebook, el Peruano armador de empirios Gastón Acurio empezó a dar gritos a varios restaurantes peruanos en países de todo el mundo, desde Suecia a Italia e incluso Tailandia.  Orgulloso de todo lo que su patria ha hecho para promover su cocina al mundo, creó una gran lista de restaurantes en lugares que no se podría imaginar tener tanta cocina internacional.  Si vives en cualquier parte del mundo aparte de Peru, pero necesita una prueba del destino culinario más caliente de Sur América, echa un vistazo a la lista abajo.  Posible que tendrás suerte. 

Semana Del Vino Starts Monday In Buenos Aires (ES)

By Patrick Hieger

[Semana Del Vino]

[Semana Del Vino]

Starting Monday, September 29, and running through Sunday, October 5, bars, restaurants, and bodegas of Buenos Aires, and across Argentina, will be taken over with the best wines that the country has to offer.  Semana Del Vino will include nearly 100 bodegas, bars, and restaurants, offering special deals and tastings to promote one of Argentina’s best and most delicious exports.

Within Buenos Aires, leading restaurants like El Baqueano, Tarquino, Per Se, and many more will be offering special menus all week, all paired with a variety of Argentine wines.  On Wednesday, October 1, 50 different bodegas across Argentina will be offering a grand tasting, giving wine lovers across the country the same experience.  Additionally, leading cocktail bars across Buenos Aires will be offering wine-based cocktails at special prices all week long. 

Basically, it’s a week-long celebration of Argentina’s most famous beverage.  Don’t miss out.  For a complete list of participating bars, restaurants, and bodegas, as well as special events happening throughout the week, be sure and follow Semana Del Vino on Facebook.  Go out, drink, and celebrate this delicious piece of Argentine heritage.  Salud!

Where To Eat Now: The Caracas Essentials

By Maria Luisa Rios
Maria Luisa Rios is a native Venezuelan, food lover, and author of Mil Sabores.  When she’s not giving food tours to eager food lovers like herself, she’s at home creating classic Venezuelan creations in her home kitchen.

Where To Eat Caracas


With such a diverse climate and various growing regions scattered throughout the country, Venezuelan cuisine has the potential to become one of the best on the planet.  Even though tourism in Caracas may be tricky these days, they still have a vibrant restaurant scene, and celebrate the fruits of the land in traditional dishes, and a blend of cultures.  If you do happen to be a tourist, or just in town for business, we’ve selected a crop of restaurants that aren’t to be missed, especially if you want a true taste of Venezuela.  From high-end cuisine at Alto to a taste of grandma’s cooking, these are the essential Caracas restaurants.

Where To Eat Now: The Bogotá Essentials

By Joanna Marracelli

Where To Eat Now Bogota

When talking about Latin American food cities, Bogotá, Colombia may not be the first place that comes to mind. Well, that is all changing. With the positive press Colombia has been receiving regarding the growth of tourism, it’s no wonder the country has stepped up its game in terms of quality and amount of culinary offerings.  The Bogotá Food & Wine Festival is getting bigger and better with each year.  Bogotá is leading the way with areas like Zona G (gourmet), La Macarena and Uqsaquen noted for their rapidly expanding dining scene and is poised to become the new culinary mecca of the continent. From family-friendly dessert places to French-inspired dishes reinvented, here are the places to eat now in Bogotá.