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Outback Steakhouse Santiago: Not Quite Right, Not Yet

By Renea Pope

[Outback Santiago]

[Outback Santiago]

As a North American living in Chile, I’m always torn when I see a new U.S.-based chain opening. On the one hand, I prefer to dine in local establishments and support small businesses. On the other, a taste of home sure is inviting when you’ve been away for months or years. When I saw Outback Steakhouse scheduled to open in the new Mall Vivo in Los Trapenses, I was a little disappointed that another chain restaurant had made it to Chile. I also knew I would go there to see if I could get that delicious fresh off the grill steak for which Outback is well known.

BOOKS: O País Das Bananas, by J.A. Dias Lopes

For the first installment of our new series, BOOKS, we’re heading to Brazil to learn more about traditional Brazilian cooking, as well as some unknown history behind some famous plates. Editor Natasha Greenhouse takes us inside the pages of O País Das Bananas, written by J.A. Dias Lopes, giving us a taste of its stories, recipes, and beautiful layout. Happy reading. 

[Natasha Greenhouse]

BOOKS: A New Feature About The Literary Side Of South American Cuisine (ES / PO)

Books Banner

As we saw during the compilation of nominees for the Como Sur Best of 2014 awards, last year was an incredible year for cookbooks. Chefs, bloggers, and cooks of all types put pen to paper to tell their story, and to bring a little more of their culture and their cuisine to the masses. Many of last year’s releases have already received huge praise at this year’s Gourmand World Cookbook awards, and we’ve been hearing that even more incredible books are set to hit the shelves throughout 2015. So, rather than let this incredibly diverse, important part of the story of South American gastronomy wait to be recognized during our annual awards, we wanted to make sure that you, our readers, know about the latest releases, and where to get them.

Virgilio Martínez’s Lima Floral Is A “Terrific Little Cabinet Of Curiosities” (ES)

By Patrick Hieger

[The Independent]

[The Independent]

In a new review by London’s The Independent, writer John Walsh goes inside to see if Virgilio Martínez’s follow-up to his Michelin-starred Lima is up to snuff. The verdict is that, “although Lima Floral doesn’t have the same wow factor as Lima, it’s a terrific little cabinet of curiosities, startling new tastes, flavours – and terrific cocktails.”  Based on Martínez and his Venezuelan partners’ original plan for the restaurant, it sounds like everything is going according to plan.

Walsh, along with his wife, and apparently adventurous eater of a daughter, sampled a good portion of the menu, from dishes infused with leche de tigre to beef escabeche.  He describes mains as “gratifyingly simple” and “utterly fab,” terms we don’t often hear associated with Martínez’s typically complex, foraged dishes.  Regardless, at less than six months in, it sounds as though Martínez and his partners have another hit on their hands. 

Maido | Lima, Peru

Reviewed: Maido, Lima

Maido | Lima, Peru

Maido | Lima, Peru

In his review of Mitsuharu Tsumura’s Lima-based Maido for Asia Sur, writer El Cuchillo attempts to answer the question (in Spanish), “What the hell is Nikkei cooking, anyway?”  By the end of his review, he seems content that whatever Nikkei is, Tsumura is clearly leading the movement, and the tasting menu is the way to go when ordering.  One question answered, he is left with another.  “What is the best restaurant in Lima?”  From Maido’s take on the fish sandwich to the lettuce wraps and even his take on pulpo al olivo, El Cuchillo leaves Maido feeling that there’s not much competition in Lima.  Oh, transcendence!  [via Asia Sur]