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Rodolfo Guzmán Will Represent Chile At Ferran Adriá’s G11Summit (ES)

By Patrick Hieger

[photo: Dany Satine]

[photo: Dany Satine]

This year’s G11 summit, sponsored by Spain’s Basque Culinary Center, and created by Ferran Adriá, will take place in São Paulo Brazil on November 2 and 3, in conjunction with Mesa SP, one of the continent’s largest culinary festivals.  In addition to a group of some of the world’s leading culinary minds, including Rene Redzepi, Heston Blumenthal, Dan Barber, and others, Chilean chef and culinary pioneer Rodolfo Guzmán, of Boragó, has been invited to participate for the first time. Alex Atala will be the guest host for this year’s edition.

The annual summit seeks to discuss and answer questions regarding modern world gastronomy, which will result in a document that will be produced at the end of the meeting.  This year’s theme is “Essential Connection: The Local Producer and Cuisine”, which falls nicely in line with what many festivals in the region have focused on in 2014.  For more information on Mesa SP, which will take place November 3 to 5, visit their website.  Information on tickets for the G11 summit hasn’t yet been released, but we’ll keep you posted. 

Here’s A Recap Of Last Month’s ‘Cook The Mountain’ Event In Italy’s Dolomites (ES)

By Patrick Hieger

[Cook The Mountain]

[Cook The Mountain / Facebook]

Late last month in the Dolomites of Italy, 9 leading chefs from around the world, including Central’s Virgilio Martínez and Boragó’s Rodolfo Guzman, got together for Cook the Mountain, a sort of high altitude symposium that sought to explore the tenets of a “new mountain cuisine”.   Over the course of three days, the chefs foraged, cooked, chatted with invited guests, and came up with some of the principles that will define this new genre (?) of cooking.  Fine Dining Lovers was there for the event, and came up with a brief recap, which includes the movement’s key ideas: tradition, creativity, honesty, innovation, awareness. 

Cook the Mountain was created by Austrian chef Norbert Niederkofler as a way to create a dialogue about a new cuisine based in the mountains, “a great place to feel one with nature.”  How this differs from current modern dining that focuses largely on foraging is unclear, as is whether or not this is, in fact, designed to be a new “movement”, or simply an annual event like Cook It Raw.  It does, at least, propose a highly exclusive setting for a new style of high-end dining. 

[image: Latitud Cero]

Rodolfo Guzmán To Appear At Ecuador’s Latitud Cero

It’s already been a busy year for Rodolfo Guzmán, and there’s still five months left of excitement to go.  The famed Chilean chef of Santiago’s Boragó is traveling the world round to spread the word about Chile and the endemic bounty it has to offer.  Guzmán was in Milan earlier in the year to promote this year’s  Epicurea dinners.  He’ll be at Mistura next month and in Napa Valley in December.  That’s quite a full schedule, and now there’s Ecuador.

From October 1 to 3, Guayaquil, Ecuador will host the second annual Latitud Cero, the country’s biggest and most important food festival.  Rodolfo Guzmán will be there, alongside chefs Juan Roca of the world’s number one restaurant El Celler de Can Roca, as well as Angel León of Spain’s Aponiente, amongst others.  Much like Santiago’s Ñam, which celebrated its 3rd year this past April, Bolivia’s Tambo or even Mistura, Latitud Cero will help showcase and promote the wealth of biodiversity that Ecuador has to offer.

Latitud Cero will feature talks, workshops, forums and, naturally a lot of food.  The panel of international chefs will work closely with organizers to bring guests a taste of Latin America and the world at large.  This is yet another example of the culinary explosion that seems to be happening across South America, and the world is taking note.  More as we get it.  [via Latitud Cero]

[photo: Boragó]

A Spaniard’s Love Letter To Boragó

Maybe it’s an ode.  Maybe it’s just a shining review to a kitchen that has single-handedly put Chile on the international map as a culinary destination.  Or maybe it is, in fact, a love letter to all things Chilean, all its endemic foods and the surprises that lay within.  No matter what you call it, this piece by Spanish ex-pat Rafa Rincón is a testament to what the dream of Rodolfo Guzmán has become for so many people–Boragó, where the potential that lay within Chile becomes a reality.  [via Apicius]

A Blogger’s Day With Boragó’s Foragers

If you happen to find yourself in Chile, love food and have a day free to go traipsing through the woods, what better way to spend it than foraging with Boragó’s own Rodolfo Guzmán and his dedicated team of chefs and foragers?  The restaurant is cyclical to a point of madness, focused on serving only the finest items that the seasons have to offer.  Chicago blogger and lover of Mexican food XCatik recently found himself in Chile and had the chance to spend a day collecting produce and eating with Rodolfo Guzmán.  This is his story.  [via Xcatik]

[photo: Bulgari]

More Boragó: Epicurea, Milan

Last week, Boragó chef Rodolfo Guzmán, whose growing international acclaim is showing no signs of stopping, cooked in Milan for the launch of Epicurea, sponsored by Four Magazine and the Bulgari Hotel Milan.  He, along with critically-acclaimed chefs Daniel Patterson, Kobe Desramaults, and Andrea Ferrero, gave a preview performance of the upcoming series Epicurea, which will take place from October, 2013 through March, 2014.  Each month, one chef will work with Andrea Ferrero of the Bulgari Hotel to bring guests a 2-night only opportunity to try some of the best culinary offerings from around the world.

Chefs from last week’s premiere event, as well as others like Danny Bowien and Ben Shewry will fill out the lineup.  With local terroir and endemic ingredients now taking stage in front of exotic techniques and presentations, the monthly dinners will give guests a chance to get to know a variety of developing international cuisines from the comfort of a comfortable Italian hotel.  Guzmán will be first in the lineup, cooking on October 7 and 8, 2013.  No word yet on ticket prices, but the flight alone won’t be cheap.

If you’re interested in eating at Boragó and actually seeing chef Guzmán himself, we suggest you go soon.  Between this month’s Gelinaz event that’s just around the corner, his dinners in Milan and his December appearance in Napa, he’s not gonna be around very often.  The spread of Chilean cuisine to the world has begun.  [via Four Magazine]

[photo: Star Chefs]

All I Want For Christmas Is… Boragó

This, literally, just in.  Napa’s Meadowood has announced the lineup for their annual 12 Days of Christmas dinners and Santiago’s own palace of modern Chilean endemic cuisine, Boragó, will be featured.  Just to make sure you understand how big of a deal this is, chefs for the other 11 nights include David Chang of Momofuku fame, Andy Ricker of Pok Pok and David Kinch of Manresa.  Aside from the Gelinaz dinner that’s coming up later this month in Belgium, this promises to be one of the biggest gatherings of the world’s finest culinary talent this year.  Dinner each night costs $395, and comes with a wine pairing from some of Napa’s best vineyards.  Rodolfo Guzmán’s dinner will take place on Saturday, December 7, and be paired with wines from Realm Cellars.  This event, along with the various others to which Guzmán is being invited, will mean huge things for Chilean cuisine.  The more the world starts to see what is happening in this end of the world, the more South American cuisine on a whole will start to shine.  [via Eater]

Chile to Represent at Madrid Fusión

There’s no official date set for the festival yet, though expectations are that it will take place in January, 2014.  Madrid Fusión is regarded as one of the premier summits in the world for avant garde cuisine.  Naturally, names like Redzepi, Adriá and Roca have been staples of the event in the past, but for the first time, Chile will be sending their own representative, Rodolfo Guzmán.

What makes this visit / invite so important is that it comes at a time when Chile, via Guzmán and only a couple other select chefs, are trying to put Chile on a world stage.  With a return to handmade, locally sourced, endemic ingredients, Chile has as much to offer as any other country on the planet, a fact that is displayed nightly at Guzmán’s Boragó in the Vitacura neighborhood of Santiago.

While it is, obviously, a huge boost for Guzmán and his team, it means a great deal to Latin America as a whole as well.  This September will mark the first time Latin America has been given a “50 Best” list by San Pellegrino.  And though the festival and this invite do speak more to avant-garde, very high-end food, the trickle-down effect that it will mean for the budding Chilean foodie culture will be important for years to come.  [via Uno Come]