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Pajarito: A Secretive Dinner This Sunday (Updated)

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Dugnad is a collection of cooks based in Santiago doing something special.  They’re one in an extremely short line of groups looking to disseminate the best that Chile has to offer via very modern, art-focused, very visual plates.  They currently serve a more “traditional” lunch at La Republiqueta on Sundays, what they call “Grandma’s food.”   On Sunday nights at 8 pm, they do 9-course meals that they call “their food” — a much more modern, stylized approach to Chilean food.  The events are open to the public and happen each Sunday at La Republiqueta.  We suggest you get in on this before it’s impossible to taste their food.

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The Middle East By Way of Santiago

Given that most of what you’ll find while walking the streets of Santiago are empanadas, completos, or some other classic Chilean street food, it’s nice to know that you can find solid options for things like Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food.  Though Chile often gets grief for adopting too many foreign cultures and their cuisine, in this case we’re super happy about it.  A good falafel in a warm pita is a beautiful thing.  This guide by Nirvino’s Amalia Trocea highlights some of the best spots for this Middle Eastern delights in Santiago.  Though not mentioned on the list, we’d also like to mention Pita & Co. on Merced in the Bellas Artes neighborhood.  It’s not super traditional, but the Greek wrap with roasted chicken is to die for.  There’s also a legit Turkish spot right next door that serves incredible baklava.  I guess that means it’s lunch time.  [via Nirvino]

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Chef Shift: Santiago

Both Anakena and Cumarú in Santiago have new chefs — and delicious new menus to prove it.  Anakena, the palace for Thai food since its inception in the early 90’s, is now being run by Somporn Damkaew, a resident of Southeast Asia, and a perfect fit.  Trained in places like Thailand, Dubai and India, Damkaew brings to Anakena his expertise in curries, chilies and an understanding of the reach of Southeastern Asian food.  His new menu has over thirty different items that bring together and showcase his talent, though still giving a nod to the Chilean produce and fish that cannot be matched.  In addition to the new Thai-heavy menu, he’ll also be serving up traditional Chilean favorites like Pastel de Choclo and grilled meats and fish.

Across town, the seemingly twice-doomed Cumarú is back again with a Peruvian named Antonio Arone at the helm.  Prior to his new position, he trained under acclaimed Peruvian chef Rafael Osterling.  As expected, his menu brings together the best that the region has to offer, from grilled meats and fish to the ceviches that have made Peru famous.  Though Cumarú has undergone a butterfly-like transformation and been nearly doomed to closure, we’re hoping that Arone can bring life back to this beautiful location with his fresh, regional fare.  [via Apuntes de Sobremesa]

Chile’s Best Restaurants, Per One Blogger

Peregrina Gourmet set her sights on one thing — eating at all the best spots in Santiago.  She was apparently in town for the Ñam festival held in Santiago last month, which brought together some pretty hefty names in Latin American (and Spanish) cuisine, including the likes of Alex Atala and Joan Roca.  What she came up with was a list of what she says are the six best in Santiago.  Not surprisingly, they include Boragó, Casa Mar and Liguria.  In a bit of a shock, Divirtimento Chileno, in Providencia, also made the list — what could be a first for any list of best restaurants in Santiago.  Then again, one can’t talk about Chilean food without eating the traditional fare.  [via Peregrina Gourmet]

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Santiago’s Best Risottos

If you’ve ever scoffed at the price of an entree-sized risotto only to receive an equally appalling dish of rice, cream, and cheese, you know that a good risotto is worth the money.  That said, knowing where to find a great risotto can be a challenge, especially in a city like Santiago, Chile, where Peruvian food is king and the majority of Italian food is not much better than a cheap plate of spaghetti and sugary tomato sauce.  Luckily, though, the guys over at Nirvino have compiled a list of what they feel are the four best in the city, and one that, while it isn’t a risotto, is rice and is creamy and deserves a mention.  Have your own favorite?  Let us know and we’ll add it to the list!  [via Nirvino]

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Mother’s Day at The Ritz Carlton (and a couple of other options)

There’s more options than we could possibly share (see below) for you to enjoy with your mom this Sunday in Santiago but, chances are, you’ve already got one picked.  However, should you be a procrastinator–fellas, we’re looking at you–here’s the Ritz’ list of services, meals and full-day packages they’re offering for mom.  Just so you know, if you’re reading this now, it’s Friday, and Mother’s Day is on Sunday.  Get crackin’.  [via Santiago Elegante]

For other recommendations, the Porech Twitter feed has been buzzing with recommendations.  Like 20 a day for the last week buzzing.

La CAV (Wine Lovers’ Club) presents this guide, which has suggestions ranging brunch at Bocanaríz in Santiago’s Lastarria neighborhood, a wine and spa day at Hotel Casablanca or, for eco-friendly  moms, a trip to the Feria Verde being held this weekend.  While a trip to the green fest might be nice, we suggest adding on something nice like brunch to the recyclable shopping bag you buy her.  [via La CAV]