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Recap: Top Chef Chile Season 1, Episode 2

By Doris Bravo

Last night was another nearly two hour-long marathon of Chilean cookery on the all new, first-ever season of Top Chef Chile.  Our resident pop culture expert and lover of all culinary competitions, Doris Bravo, takes us inside the drama, the sausage, the tears, and more.  If you missed out, get the details below. 



With their second episode, Top Chef Chile is establishing a pattern of random outbursts. This week’s surge of emotion came from Sebastián Araya who, after receiving praise for his team’s dish, could barely contain his excitement and jumped around seated diners as if he were on a pogo stick. The keyword here is “random” because the show is pretty restrained (I’ll no doubt drift into a coma during José Luis Calfucura’s next gloomy confessional). “Random” also in the sense of not fitting into the task at hand: a competition. Any socialized child worth their salt knows how to undertake a game. If you listen to the rules, make sure everything is set up accordingly, and play fair the winner will emerge. Celebrations, Sebastián, come when you’ve secured the win not during the game; that’s just bad form. But by the time Sebastían had his infamous outburst, the whole endeavor had collapsed entirely.

Top Chef Chile’s First Contestants Have Been Revealed (ES)

By Patrick Hieger



By now, at least in the United States, if a new season of Top Chef were coming, there would a great deal of anticipation surrounding the new crop of participants and where they come from.  For now, though, the buzz in Chile hasn’t quite caught on just yet.  Either way, we’re excited because it’s the first version of Top Chef to hit South America, and it could be a big game changer for the role of gastronomy, particularly in a country like Chile, whose cuisine is rarely given much attention.

A few videos have been released about the panel of judges and what they’ll be expecting from the participants, but as of yesterday, we know who the first four contestants will be.  In a quick, one-minute video, we get to see Juan Morales of the newly-inaugurated D.O., José Luis Calfucura, otherwise known as Mapuche Chef, Víctor León of Harina Gourmet, and Alicia Rodriguez of Pastichef, giving us their game faces, their mantras, and a look at their knives. As season one prepares to roll out with some of the leading names in Chilean cuisine, the show looks like it could be a huge success.

The music is there.  The sound effects are there.  And now we have chefs.  Top Chef Chile is about to start, and we couldn’t be happier.  Follow them on Twitter at @topcheftvn.