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[image: Szot]

SZOT Microbrewery’s Seventh Anniversary Is This Saturday

[image: Szot]

[image: Szot]

If you’re looking for a hoppin’ good time (pun 100% intended) this Saturday, look no further than Chile’s own Szot microbrewery as they celebrate their seventh anniversary.  Run by United States-born Kevin Szot, with the help of his wife and kids, Szot has been churning out his beers to critical acclaim for seven years, and the future looks bright.  As part of the celebration, Szot will have their own brick-oven pizza churning out fresh pies, as well as the summer’s best, pastel de choclo.  Naturally, they’ll be slinging drinks, too.

If that’s not enough, the celebration will mark the fourth collaborative brew as headed by Szot, which will include Brugge, La Comarca, and Trog breweries.  If number four is even half as good as number three, it will be nothing but delicious.  Finally, Szot will be releasing 100 bottles of their very small production 2013 merlot.  That’s a collector’s item if we’ve ever heard of one.

Entry to the event is $5.000 CLP, and it runs from 12 pm to 7 pm this Saturday, January 11.  Szot Microbrewery is located at Camino a Melipilla Km. 31.5.  To arrive, head to Santiago’s Estación Central, and take a bus from platform 76 on the upper deck.  Don’t miss out!

[image: Szot]

Collaborative Beer This Weekend At Szot Brewery

Brewers Kevin Szot of Szot Brewery and Asbjorn Gerlach of Kross Brewery, both Chilean micro-brews, will be getting together this coming Saturday for an afternoon of beer.  The event will take place at Szot brewery, about 30 minutes west of Santiago in Talagante.  Both Szot and Gerlach will give a talk about how a micro brew comes to be.  Other guest speakers will include Pascual Ibáñez from the Escuela de los Sentidos, and the guys from  If you’re into micro brews and want to support the Chilean efforts in the beverage, this event will be worth it.  Tickets are $3.000 CLP each, and the event will run from 11 am to 6 pm.  [via Szot]

[photo: Szot Brewery]

Saturday At SZOT Brewery

Saturday, June 22 will be a day worth spending outside of Santiago.  Starting around noon and ending around 4 pm, Kevin Szot and his brewery located just outside of Santiago will be offering beer tastings, local wine tastings, and they’ll even have their 10% barley wine on hand.  Additionally, the brick oven will be pumping out pizzas to whomever should be so interested.  Need more reasons to go?  Well, they just got some new equipment from Kross Brewery, so a tour of the ever-expanding digs is worth a short drive out of town!  Saturday, beer, pizza.  Yep, perfect.  [via Szot]

[photo: Szot]

Father’s Day At Szot Brewery

This Friday and Saturday, Kevin Szot will open his brewery up to celebrate Dad.  On both days there will be artisan pizzas, tastings and, of course, beer.  He’ll have 12 different varieties on hand to try and to mix and match for take-home.  For more information, visit the Szot website here.  Happy Father’s Day! [via Szot]

[photo: SZOT]

Szot Microbrewery Farmer’s Market Saturday, May 4


[photo: SZOT]

This Saturday, May 4, Szot Microbrewery, located about 30 minutes outside of Santiago in Talagante, will host a weekly Farmer’s Market.  The market will include artisan wines,  handmade eats like empanadas, beer discounts and more.  Szot will also be launching their Black Pearl (a collaborative beer from the likes of some of Chile’s best microbreweries) as well as their Salvaje 2013.  The event will go from 11am to 6pm and promises to be a blast.  For more information visit the Szot site at, or their Facebook page here.