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Mistura: The Hits

By Patrick Hieger

Food Panel

For both newcomers and seasoned pros alike, making your way through the current year’s edition of Mistura can be a daunting task.  With more than a kilometer’s worth of foods that range from potato stews made in massive pots over coal, to a whole world dedicated strictly to ceviches, picking through the hundreds of restaurants isn’t easy.  However, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to eat as much as we can, talk to the vendors, loosen our belts, and find what we feel are, at least, the noteworthy spots on any tour through the gastronomic madness.  We’re certainly not saying that these are the definitive “musts,” because after all, everyone has their favorites.  However, based on a line to ingredients ratio, classic fare from classic chefs, and various recommendations, the list below is, at least, a good place to start.

No matter what your tastes, be sure and explore.  This year is more organized than ever, the booths look better, the food smells great, and yeah, there’s a huge Mundo de Cerveza.  The Mundo de las Brasas has been split up, which should alleviate the lines.  There’s drinks all around the beach side of the park, and we’ll be giving you some recommendations for those, too.  Mistura is back, and it’s as good as ever.  Provecho

Where To Eat Now: The Bogotá Essentials

By Joanna Marracelli

Where To Eat Now Bogota

When talking about Latin American food cities, Bogotá, Colombia may not be the first place that comes to mind. Well, that is all changing. With the positive press Colombia has been receiving regarding the growth of tourism, it’s no wonder the country has stepped up its game in terms of quality and amount of culinary offerings.  The Bogotá Food & Wine Festival is getting bigger and better with each year.  Bogotá is leading the way with areas like Zona G (gourmet), La Macarena and Uqsaquen noted for their rapidly expanding dining scene and is poised to become the new culinary mecca of the continent. From family-friendly dessert places to French-inspired dishes reinvented, here are the places to eat now in Bogotá.