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Jude Law Is In Bolivia To Promote Carnaval (ES)

By Patrick Hieger

[La Razon]

[La Razon]

The big news out of Bolivia this morning is that Jude Law has landed in La Paz with his family, and will be touring the country in the upcoming days. His trip is sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism as well as the Cervecería Boliviana Nacional, so that he may promote the country’s ample carnaval celebrations abroad. The critically-acclaimed actor isn’t divulging plans of his tour so as to not tip off the general public. 

Destinos: It’s All In The Details In Salamina, Colombia

By Joanna Marracelli

[Laurent Lhomond]

[Laurent Lhomond]

One of my favorite things about traveling is meeting new people.  Whether they are other travelers like myself or (as in this case) hostel owners, it’s nice to be able to connect with others while in a foreign land.  In addition to sharing stories and learning new things, it’s helpful to receive recommendations from those that have been there or done that.  Recently I had the pleasure of staying at ‘The Secret Garden’ in Manizales, Colombia, and it was there I met the kind and welcoming owners Daniel Buitron Jaramillo & Eliesha Lovell (who also run highly recommended Colombia Eco Travel.

Knowing that I am fond of off-the-beaten track destinations, colorful colonial architecture and smaller towns with a quiet, relaxed vibe, he urged me to visit a small city called Salamina which lies just two hours north of Manizales.  Not every place recommended to me ends up as my own destination due to either time or money constraints.  In addition, sometimes I worry the hype won’t live up to the actual place or that the person doing the recommending values things that differ from what I do.

Caminos Y Sabores Is Back In Buenos Aires This Weekend (ES)

By Megan Chochla

[Caminos y Sabores]

[Caminos y Sabores]

So while we still have new editions of both the Raíz and Masticar festivals to wait for with anticipation later this year, one of Buenos Aires’ longest running food festivals–Caminos y Sabores–is back this weekend for its tenth addition.  Caminos y Sabores will bring together the best of Argentina, from regional foods to artisan crafts, tourism, and much much more.  Like previous years, the festival will be broken up into nine different ‘caminos,’ including cheeses, meats, tradition, tourism, oil and spices, drinks, matés and teas, fruits and sweets.  This year, more than 400 exhibitors are expected to be on hand, with crowds nearing 100,000 over the four days.

The 10th edition of Caminos y Sabores will take place at La Rural located at Av. Sarmiento 2704 in Buenos Aires.  Entry to the event is AR $60.  Discounts will be given to children and seniors.  For a complete list of activities during the festival, including talks, cooking classes, and even live music, visit the festival’s site.  Need a way to warm up this weekend?  Looks like you just found it. 

Coquinaria | Santiago, Chile

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Coquinaria | Santiago, Chile

Coquinaria | Santiago, Chile

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Mulato | Santiago, Chile

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Mulato | Santiago, Chile

Mulato | Santiago, Chile

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Senz | Santiago, Chile

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Senz | Santiago, Chile

Senz | Santiago, Chile

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Flannery's | Santiago, Chile

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Flannery's | Santiago, Chile

Flannery’s | Santiago, Chile

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Chilango | Santiago, Chile

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Chilango | Santiago, Chile

Chilango | Santiago, Chile

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