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Video: Diego Oka On ‘A Chef’s Journey’ (ES)

By Patrick Hieger

[A Chef's Journey]

[A Chef’s Journey]

Although Mind of a Chef on the United States’ PBS gets everyone gathered around the television on a weekly basis to watch as chefs like David Chang, Sean Brock, and April Bloomfield create culinary magic while traveling, they’re not the only public broadcasting game worth watching.  Detroit-based chef Steven Meese hosts A Chef’s Journey, which also airs on PBS and follows some of the United States’ most creative chefs creating masterpieces at their restaurant.  Meese recently went to Miami, Florida to hang out with Diego Oka, chef at the newest location of Gastón Acurio’s La Mar cevichería at the Mandarin Oriental.  Watch as Oka talks Peru, makes an ‘Arroz Chaufa con tortilla,’ and basically blows Meese’s mind with the explosive Peruvian flavors.  Then set your DVR to record.

[image: En Casa Se Come Mejor]

‘En Casa Se Come Mejor’ Premiered Yesterday In Chile (ES)

By Patrick Hieger

Yesterday morning on channel 13C, Chile’s trends and culture channel, a new food program appeared called En Casa Se Come Mejor premiered.  Hosted by actress Carolina Varleta, who also stars in the teleserie Mamá Mechona, En Casa brings together an amateur cook and food lover to cook with Varleta, who then invites over Chilean food critic Raul Yañez Campos and one of his friends–who just happens to be a celebrated chef in Chile–to eat and discuss (i.e. critique) what the non-professional cook dished up.  The format is almost entirely unscripted, save for the constant shots of sponsored products, allowing the cook to do their best (or, worst) before the critics show.  The show takes a definitively nerve wracking turn when Campos and his chef-critic friend pop by.  On yesterday’s premiere episode, food lover Rodrigo Escaff was clearly sweating on camera waiting to hear their thoughts on his plate.  In the end, though the invited guests do give honest criticism, En Casa Se Come Mejor is a testament to the long-standing tradition of home-cooking in Chile.  You might want to think twice about trying to be on the show, though, unless you like to sit and wait for criticism!  En Casa Se Come Mejor shows Sundays at 11:30 am on channel 13C.


Ayer por la mañana en canal 13C, la canal de Chile de cultura y tendencias, una nueva programa de gastronomía que se llama En Casa Se Come Mejor estrenó.  Anfitrionada por la actríz Carolina Varleta, quien también es estrella de la teleserie Mamá Mechona, En Casa pide que un cocinero no profesional cocina con Varleta, quién invita al crítico gastronómico Chileno Raul Yañez Campos y uno de sus amigos–un destacado chef Chileno–para comer y hablar sobre (i.e. criticar) lo que cocinó el cocinero amateur.  El formato es casí completamente sin guión, aparte de las tomas constantes de productos auspiciados, que permite al cocinero hacer su mejor (o, peor) antes que llegan los críticos.  El programa hace un giro nervioso cuando llegan Campos y su amigo chef-crítico.  En el estreno de ayer, gozador Rodrigo Escaff estaba transpirando frente de la cámara mientras esperar escuchar sus pensamientos sobre sus platos.  Al final, aunque los huespedes dan críticismo verdadero, En Casa Se Come Mejor es un testamento a la tradición de comida casera en Chile.  Pero, quizas debes pensar en postular para estar en el programa, a menos que le gusta estar esperando criticismo.  En Casa Se Come Mejor estrena los domingos a las 11:30 en canal 13C.


[photo: Francis Mallman]

Francis Mallmann Back On The Air

Get the sofa ready because tonight on the Gourmet Channel, Francis Mallmann is back on the air with his new series, ‘Vientos del Sur.’  As usual, he’ll be bringing his fire-fueled plates to viewers, but this time he’ll be doing it entirely from Argentina’s Rio Negro region, dead in the middle of winter.  There will be skiing, hiking, snow, rain, wind and extreme conditions.  And, yes, there will be fire.

Mallmann’s new show is sponsored largely by Jeep, which seems like a good thing given some of the locations he’s cooking in.  To get a better idea of the what the show will be like, check out this video teaser.  Coming from the man that just dropped out of judging for the Latin America’s 50 Best, this promises to be an interesting, inspired show about the rawness and the reality of cooking with fire, no matter where that may be.  Will you be watching?  [via Vientos del Sur]

[photo: La Panza Porteña]

El Gourmet Is No Longer .com

El is no longer.  Now it’s just El Gourmet.  The food channel is amping up their game, taking you to places way outside of South America including Germany, Baja, California, and Cuba.  The favorites you love, like Francis Mallman in a beret, will still be there, but with some new friends.  Sole Nardelli even has her new show that’s all about Patagonia and the southern end of the continent.  For an exciting look at what the channel has to offer, check out their promo video here.  Be forewarned, though–there’s chocolate showers, pasta flinging and dancing.  Oh, wait.  It’s Latin American TV!  [via El Gourmet]